Nuno-Zori Lessons

About the Nuno-Zori lessons:
Would you like to make your own original Nuno-Zori?
You are able to select your own fabric for both the base and the strap.
We offer a cotton and fleece based fabrics. If you would like to make the fleece Nuno-Zori, please let us know in advance.

* Half Day course was introduced and will be scheduled soon
* Half Day is good for Mini Nuno-Zori, but you can create one full-size Nuno-Zori.

Class Time Location  (Naka-ku, Yokohama)
Oct 27 (Wed) One Day 10 am ~ 3 pm  Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature
Nov 11 (Thu) One Day 10 am ~ 3 pm  Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature
Nov 24 (Wed) One Day 10 am ~ 3 pm  Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature
Dec 15 (Wed) One Day 1 pm ~ 4:45 pm  The Osanagi Jiro Memorial Museum

Lesson fees
  Fees One Day Course
(10 am ~ 3pm)
Y 4,000 ~ 4,500
Half Day Course
(10 am ~ 12 pm or 1 pm ~ 3pm)
Y 2,500
  Materilas Matrials for one pair of Nuno Zori Y 3,300 (special prices)
(Extra Y 200 ~ 300 for Hanao cloth - Imported, Selected, Liberty or Quilt, etc.)
Matrials for Mini Nuno-Zori
Y 800 (special prices)

 Belongings         Scissors 
        Please use Restrautant at YC&AC for Lunch when you take one-Day course


Group lessons (for over 4 people):
It is possible to arrange a class specifically for a group. The location will most likely be in the Naka-ku, Yokohama area.
Fee for 1 day course: 4,500yen
Material Fee: 3,300 yen
Please contact us for further details.


New cute small zori decorations are available.
Please contact us for purchasing these zori decorations or for more information.

Recently, we had a great sucsess selling our Nuno-Zori at Tokyo American Club.
Thank you for all who took their time to come.

Would you like to try to make your own original Nuno-Zori?
Full Day: Thursday 10:30am-3:30pm
Fee: 5,000yen (including material fee)
Location: Yokohama

We also offer classes where were teach at a location of your choice.
The lesson will be approximately 5 hours, preferably with a minimun 4 people.
Fee: 6,000yen per person (including material fee)

*There are some locations in which we cannot offer lessons.

Do not hesitate to contact us.