From Sakuran to you

A comfort like no other

The moment you place them on your feet, the soft touch of the unique material will heal not only you're your feet, but also your mind.

The sandals are made so that they adjust to the contours of your feet; they become sandals that are specific to you.

Furthermore, the smooth cotton and complex design of the sandals absorb moisture, making the warmer seasons much more comfortable for your feet.

By wearing these Sakuran sandals, your feet will be accommodated by a comfort like no other – and will heal your mind and body from any pain or distress you may feel.

Popular among foreigners and the youth

The comfort and exotic designs of the Sakuran sandals are popular among those of any age, gender and race.

Last year at the American Club Bazaar in Tokyo many foreigners were intrigued by our sandals, and favoured especially the fact that the exotic designs have combined modern fashion with traditional elements. Many took home our sandals as Christmas presents or for a souvenir for their loved ones.

Sakuran’s cute designs and colourful patterns are adored by women of all ages, as it makes the idea of wearing slippers much more fashionable!

Sakuran Nuno-Zori are beautiful Japanese craft and are great as a gift from Japan.

Sakuran cloth sandals are all handmade.
New materials are used for each pair of sandals, and we make sure to use materials that are made of cotton that is soft and comfortable for your feet.

Some customers have told us that after wearing our cloth sandals, the pain felt from their hallux valgus conditions have been relieved due to the unique shapes of the sandals.

From Sakuran to you

We would love for you to try our original Sakuran cloth sandals, and to experience the comfort that they give.

They are all handmade; each pair is like no other.
The cloth sandals are perfect for all four seasons. In spring and summer the sandals feel smooth against your bare feet. In Autumn and Winter, the sandals can still be enjoyed by wearing socks with 5 fingers.

Care about Fablics

Determining which material and fabric is ideal for Nuno Zori requires skills and experience that we gained over years working as a part of Sakuran. The base material used is made of 100% cotton. Cotton is said to be perfect for sensitive skin and also is ideal for Nuno Zoris. Not only the fabric but choosing the appropriate material used for the strap also is vital to make the best Nuno Zori possible. Each strap defines the individual Nuno Zoris and makes each one unique. When we name each of our collections, we consider where we purchase our fabrics; for example, liberty fabrics used for our liberty series comes from London while the majority of our materials used in our Hawaii series is from Hawaii.

Care about Skills

Determining which material and fabric is ideal for our Nuno Zoris requires skills and experience that we have acquired over several years. The dominant reason why Sakuran Nuno Zoris our technique used in creating our products. By using thin and fine threading, it may take more effort and time but results in a durable Nuno Zori. Our products are not mass produced, they are all 100% handmade and our full concentration is given to each and every one. These Nuno Zoris will not hurt nor are uncomfortable.

Care abour Fashion

Our Sakuran Nuno Zori is said to be a fashion item. We carefully consider every color and pattern when designing each indivisual Nuno Zori. We put in an immense amount of effort to create the best possible Nuno Zori; this requires even sometimes having to remaking specific aspects of the Nuno Zori in order to improve the product. Our thought in producing the highest quality Nuno Zori for our customers is very important to us.

Care about Health

Although they may seem bumpy due to the texture and the straps may look like they are uncomfortable but this is not the case. Everyone who has tried on our Sakuran Nuno Zori comments that they are comfortable. We acknowledge this factors when choosing our fabrics to create these Nuno Zoris. The Zoris will begin to shape themselves to fit your feet perfectly, resulting in an unique pay just for you. Sakuran Nuno Zoris are said to relieve back pains as well as have other health benefits.

During the summer, Sakuran Nuno Zoris can be worn barefoot whereas in the winter, they can be worn with warm socks. It could even be fun to switch pairs as the seasons change throughout the year!