Sakuran Nuno-Zori has be selected to be the “Kanagawa Prefecture Nadeshiko Brand” for 2015! This award is given to those retail or service brands created by women.

We offer Sakuran Nuno-Zori lessons in both English and Japanese. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

2016 Winter Exhibition
Sakuran Nuno-Zori, Hawaiian Ribbon Lei, Japanese Quilt, Teabox and Silk Flower
Date: Friday, December 9 to Monday, December 12
Place: Ehrismann Residence B1 Hall in Motomachi Park, Yokohama

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Sakuran Nuno-Zori are very fashionable, comfortable and washable!
Sakuran Nuno-Zori are beautiful Japanese craft.

Sakuran cloth sandals are all handmade

New materials are used for each pair of sandals, and we make sure to use materials that are made of cotton that is soft and comfortable for your feet.

Some customers have told us that after wearing our cloth sandals, the pain felt from their hallux valgus conditions have been relieved due to the unique shapes of the sandals.

From Sakuran to you,
We would love for you to try our original Sakuran cloth sandals, and to experience the comfort that they give.

They are all handmade; each pair is like no other.
The cloth sandals are perfect for all four seasons. In spring and summer the sandals feel smooth against your bare feet. In Autumn and Winter, the sandals can still be enjoyed by wearing socks with 5 fingers.

You can purchase Sakuran Nuno Zori from this site.

In more detail...

The Sakuran Fluffy Fleece collection utilizes carefully selected fleece materials as well as cotton for the straps. Because of this, hairballs may occasionally form. By using high quality materials, Nuno Zoris can be well preserved and worn for years without it breaking. This product is perfect for winter and can be used as perfect presents.

Sakuran Nuno Zoris are made of comfortable materials and we encouraged customers to use them as indoor slippers. For instance, they could be used for in-flight planes, hotels and any other time to help you relax.