30 years old,female
My Hallux Valgus condition has been alleviated.

I purchased the sandals hoping my condition would be alleviated even slightly. I tried them on, and they are very comfortable! My toes can move with more ease now. I can wash them in the washing machine so they are very sanitary. Sakuran sandals have become a daily necessity.

20 years old,male
There are many sandals of the same sort, but Sakuran’s mix of colours and designs are excellent! They really have a good sense in fashion.

The Sakuran sandals are not only cute, but are also chic and classic. They match my personal taste perfectly. Furthermore, I can wear them without worrying about any mites in the sandals because I can wash them whenever I please.

40 years old,female
My feet don’t get dry anymore!

Every summer my feet get unbelievably dry to the point where it’s painful. However, by wearing these sandals the soles of my feet are beautifully smooth. Such a great feeling!

40 years old,female
The experience of making the sandals was great!

The Sakuran staff kindly taught me how to make the sandals. It was a very difficult process but extremely fun! I can keep my feet clean and in good condition by wearing the sandals. I definitely recommend the Sakuran sandals!